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10 pcs KN95 Personal Protective Equipment Face Mask Dust Resistant Protection In Stock CE Certification White
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Brand new disposable FFP2 / N95 face mask for extra protection, for use as a precautionary measure against viruses but can also used for protection against dust, smog pollution etc... We want to make clear we aren't making any unsubstantiated claims, for this reason we can't say 100% this mask will stop you from contracting a virus, no mask can promise you that as there are multipule ways a virus can be transmitted. A mask is just one of the preventative measures one can take towards self protection, help you avoid things like dust, pollution, airborne germs.

FFP2 & N95 Information:

- Meets World Health Organization's FFP2/N95 guidance regarding preventative measures

- They are not exactly the same, but equivalent standard. (FFP2 is a European standard, N95 is a USA standard)


- EN149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP2 NR CE 0194 (EU standard)

- N95 (US standard)

- Universal



Disposable face masks

Can protect against airborne virus's

This Mask / Respirator is FFP2 Certified. FFP2 is recommended by the World Health Organization as a way of preventing the spread of germs

Package Included: 10 pcs Masks